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a modernized high tech energy company established


in 2009.engages in expoiting,producing and selling the


photovoltaic products series of solar energy.



 1,  Back contact cells( efficiency above 20% -25%), Module efficiency 30% higher than conventional solar panel. 

 2, Adopting transparent PVDF material on surface and high quality TPT back plate, Resist salt corrosion, UV, withstands hail, storm and other harsh weather.

 3, Different Waterproof Connection box ( insert diode ).

 4, White and Black color available.

 5, Predrilled holes in the corner with Stainless grommets, ease-of-installation.

 6, Bend rate from 10-120 degree.

 7, 3mm thin, supper lightweight.

 8, From -20°C  ~ +60°C Work temperate

 9, Widely applied to RV, Golf car, Electric car, Yacht, boat, marine , Tent or backpack ect.


We are leader in solar manufacturing 18w to 300w 





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