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Solar Energy Industry What Is The Next Technological Breakthrough?

Shenzhen Shine Solar Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 01, 2015

Now, as technology continues to update, solar energy costs have been significantly reduced, but still more expensive than fossil fuels. In addition, while solar panels "spread" or even an oversupply of solar panel manufacturing industry is still at a low ebb. However, innovation in the solar market has weakened, but still a number of advances have been "released". Overall, the industry remains optimistic for the long-term development of solar energy industry.

On the glass to create flexible solar cells

Conventional solar cells are still the main crystalline silicon technology. A few years ago, silicon solar panels cost $ 4/Watt. The field of study "led big brother", one of the Australia Professor Martin Green of the University of new South Wales had declared that cost of silicon solar panels can never be less than $ 1/w. But now, he said: "the cost has come down to about 50 cents per watt, and there may be 36 cents/Watt. ”

United States Energy Department set goals is that by 2020 less than 1 cents per watt, this goal not only refers to the cost of solar panels, solar panel installation system as a whole. Green solar power industries have the potential to advance this goal. At that time, direct solar energy is expected to cost 6 cents per kilowatt hour, cheaper than the cost of new gas-fired power plant for. Solar total cost including the intermittent characteristics of sunlight and the cost of manufacturing facilities, will be higher, of course, but precisely how much higher depends on factors such as how much solar grid.

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