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Shenyang Blackouts, Solar Lights Service

Shenzhen Shine Solar Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 01, 2015

Network reporter Li Xin Wang in Shenyang, Shenyang daily, reported that due to the large scope blackout in Shenyang, June 18, at 7 o'clock, when the reporter went to the traffic police command center, police from time to time in the radio with the first power of regional traffic police call. From the traffic situation, since many members of the public informed in advance traffic tips, slight decrease in the morning rush hour traffic, street traffic more smoothly.

7:25, traffic police command center switches to the video surveillance system in Nanjing North Street, and Fushun road traffic lights. Rain, several traffic police command vehicles, mobile solar-powered lights on gang.

"1:30 A.M., traffic police posts in advance. We ask each power zone 5 traffic police on duty for the traffic main road junctions directing, set up 20 mobile solar-powered lights and traffic control. "City traffic police official said, traffic management and control the core of 62 main road, 320 lamp posts, more than 2000 police road policing.

"The power outage was not all lights are lit, but after 2 o'clock in the morning, some sections of the lights gradually loses power, this is connected to the traffic Police Department provides power generation equipment. "Traffic police police said Yu Jie, Heping District, from 1 o'clock in the morning the Brigade preparing multiple diesel generators, uninterruptible power for lights.

Shen Shui Bay stations also use a small generator, in the control zone of peace bei SI Jie BA Wei road at the traffic lights, and to generate electricity. Traffic police introduced, shenhe district day zone, has prepared more than 10 mobile generators to ensure the main traffic artery signal is not affected by the power failure.

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