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Photovoltaic Entry Will "shine" As Past

Shenzhen Shine Solar Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 01, 2015

A message from the Shanghai Securities journal, quickly attracted numerous PV on the eyes. Reports said the Ministry is drafting, winner of the PV industry entry threshold will be introduced, "jumping" chaos in the project is expected to be on the overhaul. Although the message has not been proven, but most PV manufacturers are spreading, applauded. After all, henceforth, PV field "can not you want, like" place, current good environment or going through rounds of policy change was obtained after shuffling.

PV = + the wealth-creation effect of low threshold?

Once upon a time, lift the PV industry, comes to mind except for "high tech", "infant industry" these words, people thought more of "deep pockets" and "join the easy".

The wealth-creation effect of the photovoltaic industry, has a reasonable side. After all, solar energy represents the future direction for the development of the energy industry, the supply of solar energy is virtually unlimited, is by no means as simple numeric measure of industrial space. From the national competition level, between China and developed countries in terms of new energy technologies are in the same line, or even an edge in some ways, attractive export prospects will undoubtedly contain a tremendous business opportunities and "money scene". From the life of ordinary people, once new energy including PV is widely used, will completely change the way people, stimulate demand for more is a lot. These all indicate that this is a high gold content of the industry.

Past ten years to, if has a industry shrouded of Halo can and Internet phase comparable, must is PV; if has a industry of made rich capacity can and Internet phase comparable, must is PV; if has a industry attract capital of capacity can and Internet phase comparable, must is PV; and if has a industry inspired local Government of Chase enthusiasm over real estate, must also is PV. But the most attractive point, not a threshold.

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