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Folding Solar Panels To Consider Design

Shenzhen Shine Solar Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 31, 2017

In outer space, no energy is not enough, but the general energy is impossible to bring space, so all with solar energy. Too much to be able to plate a huge area of the transport has brought a great obstacle. Affected by the origami, the United States has built a free folding solar panels.

Even if the spacecraft from Apollo 11 has been launched for 45 years now, it is still not a simple matter to ship things to space, size, weight and cost are very important, so some researchers can design Folded like a folded solar panel. When the folded solar panels are up, they are 2.7 meters in diameter and 25 meters in diameter when fully expanded.

ShannonZirbel from the Brigham Young University, Professor LarryHowell, and BrianTrease from NASA Spray Propulsion Laboratory, asked the help of Robert Lang, a famous origami expert, who faced a major difficulty that folding solar panels was as thin as paper, Trease said, In order to accommodate the accumulated thickness of each folded solar panel, you have to rethink a lot of things in terms of design.

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