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Enjoying The Flexible Solar Panel

Shenzhen Shine Solar Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 07, 2017

Solar panels are growing in popularity, and it doesn't look like a trend that will be fading away anytime soon. The classification of the solar panel makes it can be widely apply on your life conveniently and cut down your expenditures. Especially for the flexible solar panels, it become a Nouveau Chic for the cars/RVs/boats, etc solar systems.

Why flexible solar panels?

Different with traditional solar panels the flexible solar panel have it own unique features: light weight( 100w 1.4kg), thin film ( it can be laminated in 2mm ) , bendable( can be bend from 30 degree to 90 degree).  And in the market, there are  two kinds of solar cells can be use for flexible solar panels: SunPower solar cells and Solar City solar cells, and for these cells it can be works well when the sunshine is not good.

How to with the flexible solar panel for the RV system?

Usually to install a RV system we need solar panel, controller, battery, extend wires and other accessories. Besides, we also need to know the your RV roof size and the system voltage, usually the system voltage are 12v 24v and 48v.  

If you need a 12v system, 90w-120w solar panels will be a good choice.

For one 100w panel, the controller is: 100w/12v=8.3A, choice a closest controller is 10A, so the controller is: 10A/12V.

For two 100w panels, connected the in parallel,  the controller is: 200w/12v=16.6A, choice a closest controller is 20A, so the controller is: 20A/12V.

The same way, for the other RV system.

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