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3D Printing Solar Panels As Thin As Paper

Shenzhen Shine Solar Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 01, 2015

Solar panels are gradually changing our approach to energy access, already is recognized and accepted by more and more people. This is by absorbing sunlight, solar energy via photovoltaic or photochemical effects directly or indirectly converted into electricity device. Cycle relative to the batteries and rechargeable batteries, solar is more energy-efficient green products. The main ingredient of most solar panels as "Silicon", but because of production costs is very large, that is unlikely to be extensive and widespread use.

In order to change this situation, over the past few years, Australia a team of 50 scientists have been actively trying to use "additive manufacturing" (AM) technology optimizes solar panel production technology in order to achieve the dream of building self-powered next-generation housing. AM technology is the use of the material gradually accumulated manufacturing technology of solid parts, relative to the conventional material removal-cutting technologies, is a "bottom up" manufacturing method. , AM technology has achieved rapid development in nearly 20 years, "rapid prototyping (RapidProto-typing)", "three dimensional printing (3DPrinting)", "entity free manufacturing (Solid Free-form Fabrication)" different names from different sides, such as expressing the characteristics of this technology.

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