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How much energy does a solar collector provide?

Shenzhen Shine Solar Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 07, 2016

The efficiency of a solar collector is defined as the quotient of usable thermal energy versus received solar energy. Besides thermal loss there alwas is optical loss as well. The conversion factor or optical efficiency h0 indicates the percentage of the solar rays penetrating the transparent cover of the collector (transmission) and the percentage being absorbed. Basically, it is the product of the rate of transmission of the cover and the absorption rate of the absorber.

The specific costs of collectors are also important. Evacuated-tube collectors are substantially more expensive (at 511,29 - 1278,23 Euro /m² collector surface) than flat-plate collectors (153,34 to 613,55 Euro /m²) or even plastic absorbers (25,60 to 102,26 Euro /m²). However, a good collector does not guarantee a good solar system. Rather, all components should be of high quality and similar capacity and strength.

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